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  • Our goal

    Our aim is to be a leading health company in the Scandinavian market. Our focus is preventive care, service and quality, whilst always providing patient-centred care serving the patient’s needs.

  • Clinic owner

    Are you dreaming about starting your own company? Do you want to sell your business or streamline your clinic? Do you want to invest in us? Read more about various types of cooperation here!

  • Work with us

    We’re continuously growing and are always open to strengthen our team with skilled, positive people that are willing to learn. Together we’re building our workplace.

  • Courses

    Do wish to have more patients and keep them? Do you want to develop as a clinician, earn more freedom and get better economy? Read more about our courses here.

Do you want to join us in building the health concept of the future?

We are the fastest growing dental organisation in Oslo, Norway, and Malmö, Sweden. We’ve had an amazing growth since 2012, thanks to loyal co-workers and patients. We’re now looking for you who want to join us in creating the health concept of the future.

Orbdents kärnvärderingar är livskvalitet, hållbar utveckling och mångfald.

Our goal…

…is to within five years be one of Scandinavia’s best and most innovative health organisation with a holistic view on dental care, health care and wellbeing. The patient is, and shall always be, in the centre with us. We listen to our patients and customize our treatments after their needs and wishes. We’re looking for you who’s working in the dental care-, health care- and wellness line of business’. If you have exciting, innovative ideas, you’re in search after a partner, you want to work with us of you want to sell your business, feel free to contact us now.

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