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Orbdent is an innovative, growing and learning health organisation founded in 2012. Today it has over a hundred co-workers at eleven clinics in Oslo, Norway, and Malmö and Sala, Sweden.

All clinics offer general adult dental care, both planned treatment and emergency care. The clinics have also have found their niche in treatment of dental fear patients, treatment under sedation and general anaesthesia and specialist treatment. In our team we have dental nurses, dental hygienists, general dentists and specialists in endodontics, oral surgery, orthodontics, prosthetics and radiology. We also have dental technicians, psychologists and medical doctors.

Our goal is that all treatment should be performed under the same roof and preferably of the same care giver. We have a collegiate environment based on cooperation and continuous development. We advocate effective short days, with a maximum of six hours of patient treatment.


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Our history and vision

The organisation was founded by Amjad Hosseini and Sara Nordevall. As dentists they had noticed a gap in the Scandinavian dental market. With the ambition to change how we see and consume dentistry, the first pilot project was started in 2011. The project was a success and budded of in several other dental clinics.

With broad experience from different business phases, such as start-ups, take-over, partnerships and buy-outs to name a few, they’ve been able to construct a rewarding formula for the “ideal dental clinic”. This formula has been perfected during the last years to be able to offer a successful, scalable business model adapted to the Scandinavian market.

While also being active dentists, they noticed a lack of multidisciplinary cooperation amongst different health professionals when treating their patients. They decided to have an ambitious goal of gathering dentists, physicians, psychologists and other health related professionals under the same roof. Doing so the service and quality of care to the patients is widely broaden, as well as creating a stimulating and developing work environment.

Stressing the importance of preventive care and treatment, the patient’s health and wellbeing will increase, as well as his or her quality of life. Healthy and fit individuals contribute to the development of the society, rather than burden it financially with an unnecessary great demand for health and dental care. Preventive care is the key to a healthier society.

Orbdent’s goal is to be on of Scandinavia’s best and most innovative health care organisations with a holistic view on health care and wellbeing. The plan is to have businesses in most major Scandinavian cities by 2020. Orbdent aim to be in the forefront of the development of Scandinavia’s future health concept.

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