Our goal

We want to be a leading health company within the Scandinavian market within five years. We focus on preventive care, service and quality, whilst always providing patient-centred care serving the patient’s needs. Our core values are quality of life, sustainable development and diversity.

Quality of life

We help our patients to have a good quality of life.

We help our patients to have a good quality of life.

A good health is prerequisite for a high quality of life. A healthy body and mind give us energy and joy of life. In order to have and maintain a good health it is important to invest in prevention and treat diseases in an early stage. We want to build an extensive team where health care professionals from different sectors come together and exchange knowledge and experiences. Where we’re working together to create the future health organization. An interdisciplinary, learning and global organization is the premise of continuous innovation and development of the future of health care.

To help our patients in the best possible way, it is also a necessity that our staff and co-workers experience a high level of quality of life. That is one of the reasons we greatly emphasize individual development, work-life balance and a positive working environment. Therefore, we’re looking for you who want to join us in developing Scandinavia’s future health organization.


Sustainable development

Sustainable health care is the future!

Preventive and long-term investment in health and innovation is prerequisite for sustainable development.

The resources of the Earth are scarce and we’ve been overconsuming its resources for years. To create a better future for ourselves and following generations must we, our companies and the society take our responsibility and think and act green and eco-friendly.

In our businesses we use our existing resources optimally and try to minimize waste of energy, water and material. Our clinics are centrally located and easily accessible by public transport, reducing the need of personal car usage. At the same time, we offer our patients evening- and weekend appointments, making it possible for the patient to place his or hers visit with us in connection with another case or errand. Our facilities are used 13 hours a day, even on weekends. This halves the energy consumed per clinician. Our goal is fully digitalized clinics that minimizes the use and need of paper, energy and consumables.



Diversity is an asset to our organisation.

Diversity is our strength.

Both research and proven experience shows that diversity increase creativity, productivity, efficiency and improves group dynamics. As organization we want to be a role model when it comes to integration and cooperation between people with different cultures, background, sex, age and experiences, to name a few factors. In addition, we also want to integrate different categories of professionals in a multidisciplinary cooperation around and with the patient.

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