We need several dental nurses in major Scandinavian cities like Oslo, Malmö, Gothenbrugh and Stockholm.

Dental nurse vacancies in Scandinavia. We need several dental nurses in major Scandinavian cities like Oslo, Malmö, Gothenbrugh and Stockholm.

Due to our organic growth we continuously need more dental nurses. We’ve recruited more than 60 co-workers during the last years.

What they have in common is that they are skilled in their profession, long-term, curious, and gladly take on new challenges and learning opportunities. As a positive and social workplace is important to us all, we all contribute daily to a pleasant and welcoming work environment. We’re now looking for dental nurses that can be part of our team.
Our existing clinics centrally located in Oslo and Malmö. It makes our clinics attractive to referring dentists, since we are easily accessible from the entire region. In the coming years we will have further expansion in most Scandinavian major cities, we’re therefore looking for you who want to work as a dental nurse in our existing or future clinics.

We’re looking for you who

  • are positive and curious
  • want to be among the best dental nurses in Scandinavia
  • can deal with stressful and challenging situations
  • can work in team as well as independently
  • are solutions/oriented and take initiatives
  • are fluent in at least one of the Scandinavian languages, both spoken and written
  • see challenges as opportunities for development
  • put our core values as a basis for your work
  • are long-term and stable
  • place the patient at the centre
  • work preventive

As a dental nurse on our team, you can get

  • a positive and rewarding work environment
  • stimulating development
  • access to a wide and growing patient register
  • good terms
  • central and solid workplaces
  • modern equipment and materials
  • internal courses and training
  • good social cohesion
  • part of an organization’s diversity
  • amazing career opportunities
  • the possibility of partnership for the right person

Your day as a dental nurse

As a dental nurse, you meet many different people, whom most are very grateful for receiving help. Sometimes you will encounter patients who have limited finances, dental fear or other difficulties making their treatment more challenging. It requires for you as a dental nurse to be professional and not let your own feelings and needs guide the patient’s treatment. The dental nurses at our clinics has extensive responsibilities. We see that our dental nurses possess the competence necessary to work closely with the patient’s care-giver to reach the goal of best possible dental care. Our dental nurses have the overall picture and work for the best of the clinic. We assist our dental nurses in their development so they can master patient management, treatment assistance, hygiene and disinfection routines, purchase, finance and scheduling to name a few.

What a dental nurse need to succeed with us

To succeed in an industry and market that is in constant evolution, it requires that we’re adaptable. We need to be genuinely interested in developing and expanding our competence at pace with market changes. As a dental nurse with us, you will need to manage and evolve with changing patient behaviour and needs. With us you have to be able to adapt to and work with newer and more modern equipment and materials. In addition, you need administrative skills. You need to be able to plan your work day and how you dispose of your time in order to optimize the flow in the clinic.

A good dental nurse will need social skills to build relationships with patients and to earn their trust. We expect and request our dental team focus on preventive care and treatment and continuously follow up our patients. As a dental nurse with us you need to be truly interested in the profession and have a desire to evolve and improve, also through courses and further education.

If you fit the description above, please contact us via the contact form for further information.