70 000 patients
12 clinics
5 citites | 2 countries

Join us in building the future health care organisation!

Founded by two dentists, Orbdent is the fastest growing dental organisation in Scandinavia. We have clinical centers in Oslo, Fornebu, Lørenskog, Kløfta, Norway, and Malmö and Sala, Sweden. We’ve had a healthy and organic growth – without external financing – since 2012, thanks to loyal co-workers and patients. We’re now looking for you who want to join us in creating the health concept of the future, where the patient and you always come first.


With us, you work with a wide range of treatments in an innovative learning environment.Read more


In our competence centre specialists and generalists work together around the patient.Read more

Dental hygienist

A varying workday with preventive care, treatment of diseases and aesthetics in a social environment.Read more

Dental nurse

You’re the heart of the clinic! Varying duties among friendly colleagues in a stimulating work environment.Read more

Dental technician

You work closely with patients and dentist in a rewarding environment to reach optimal results.Read more

Other personnel

To evolve an old industry, our innovative dental team is completed with multidisciplinary competences.Read more

Our goal

…is to be the first hand choice for both patients and professionals. Within five years we aim be one of Scandinavia’s best and most innovative health organisation with a holistic view on dental care, health care and wellbeing, as well as quality of life and work-life-balance.

We’re looking for you who’s working in the dental care-, health care- and wellness line of business’. If you have exciting, innovative ideas, you’re in search after a partner, you want to work with us or you want to sell your business, feel free to get in touch with us.


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About Orbdent

Our vision is an organisation where you come first. With core values such as quality of life, sustainable development and diversity, we have together with a dedicated team built Scandinavia’s fastest, most organically, growing health organisation.

Today our team is represented at 11 health centers, in six cities and two countries. With passion and dedication for healthy and happy patients and employees, we have been entrusted to help over 60.000 new patients.

And, we have great aspirations to help many, many more patients.

  • Employees +120
  • Founded in 2012