Do you want to entrust your patients or company to a serious college that considers what’s best for the patients?
A transfer can be a challenging adjustment, choose a reputable colleague to help you.

Do you want to entrust your patients or company to a serious colleague that considers what’s best for the patients?

We’re looking for clinics all over Scandinavia to expand our concept. We are young dentist that have been entrusted several clinics and can offer you a quick or gradual transfer. We’re flexible and are open to discuss different forms for cooperation. With our model we wish that you initially remain in the business as a mentor to younger colleagues who want to forward your legacy. In our experience this method creates better security for your patients and allows us to offer you better terms, while at the same time providing you more freedom. Additionally, at a later stage you can have the opportunity to work there one day or a couple of hours a week, should you desire it.

By collaborating with us, you’ll have:

  • A serious colleague that cares for your patients
  • A transition model that suits you and your company’s needs
  • A quick and effective merging
  • An opportunity to be active in the profession even in retirement for those who want it
  • Favourable terms
  • The possibility to give a young colleague the opportunity he/she dreams of

You are welcome to contact us for further discussion if you have thoughts about transfering your clinic in the future. We recommend you do so in good time before the planned retirement/transfer.

Last modified: Sunday 26 April, 2020
Written by: Sara Nordevall