Orbdent Academy

Explore the joy of continuous, individualized and digitalised learning.

The key to our success is a learning organisation that invests in continuous development and training of our staff. This has resulted in our strong organic growth and will be essential to facilitate further expansion. We have several course programs, both for co-workers and other colleagues.

We look forward to collaborate with other colleagues, network and develop a platform for innovative learning and development within the health industry.

Introduction program

We offer all our new co-workers to take advantage of our introductory program. The introductions program is based on observation and assisting of experienced colleagues, review and discussion of patient cases and other situations that are relevant to our everyday work. We use problem-based learning (PBL) when we discuss various clinical and practical cases. To some extent, the program is open to the possibility of adapting to the group’s needs.

Tailor-made courses

We custom-make courses for our staff. Each person has different needs and requirements, thus the need for individual courses and/or mentoring. In addition, we support external courses held by the National Dental Association and other established course providers. Provided that the course is deemed necessary for the dentist and clinics development, our dentists are sponsored with 50% of the course fee for one course per year.

Internal training

We have two full day courses per year. The theme for the day is derminied by the staff. We often apply PBL as a learning method, but we also include lectures, hands-on, roleplay and other educational methods depending on the purpose.
As we have specialists in our organisation, our dentists have the possibility to accompany the referred patient and learn more about the referred treatment. We support all our staff in personal and professional development. We wish that our staff is developing steadily and continuously to be able to ensure that our patients receive best service and health care quality.

Visiting lecturer

We’ve received guest speakers, and are happy to receive more in the future. We see that our guest lectures are involved in his or hers subject, inspires the audience and gives a practical application of the new knowledge. Hot topics are ranging from psychology, economy, dental materials science, specific treatments, hygiene, record keeping and the local social insurance system.

External courses

We believe in the exchange of knowledge and are open to give external courses to colleagues who need to improve and develop their business. We’ve been active in one of the most challenging markets in Scandinavia and have experience in the recruitment and development of human resources, marketing, operational efficiency, upgrading of clinics as well as planning and building of new clinics. Follow the link for more information on streamlining your clinic or efficient clinic operation.
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Last modified: Saturday 25 April, 2020