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With passion for healthy patients and happy smiles we’re making the world a better place, on smile at a time! Our goal is to become the firsthand choice within dentistry. We know we’ve succeeded when the majority of the population seeks our services. And to succeed, we need you on board!

Thanks to satisfied patients and increased demand, we’re continuously expanding our team. We’re looking for dentists, specialists, dental hygienists and dental nurse. As our goal is to develop a holistic health care organisation we also want to co-operate with other professional categories within health care, medical care, marketing, administration, management and leadership.
From this page you’ll reach our career site, there’s also a full overview over available jobs at the moment (make sure to read the language requirements before applying). You can also read more about the different health care professions, that we want in Orbdent, to become a complete health organisation.

Available jobs

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Specific requirements for foreign candidates

In order to submit an application, you need to provide proof of:

  • Mastering the local language at C2 level or higher
  • Local license to practice in your profession

As we all know, communication is the key when it comes to success. The majority of younger Scandinavians in urban areas speak English in addition to their mother tongue, but health personnel is obliged by law to keep the patient records in the specific country’s first language. We do want all our co-workers to be successful and further develop with the organisation, and we’ve noticed that they who master the country’s language at C2 level or higher, reach success much faster.
Your license to practice as a health professonal also has to be approved and translated. In Sweden it’s called license (legitimation), and you’ll find more information from Socialstyrelsen. The Norwegian equivalent is called authorization (autorisasjon). The Norwegian license (lisens) is not a full authorization and is not sufficient for a job application at Orbdent. SAK provides further information on the matter.
At the moment we do not provide language courses or relocation packages, although we’re planning to do so in the future.

Last modified: Saturday 11 April, 2020